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1035 Pearl Street Suite 332
Boulder Colorado 80302
CREA Real Estate LLC
1035 Pearl Street Suite 333
Boulder,Colorado 80302
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Duties of our Agents contained within our property management engagement include;

1.   Screening and analysis of each tenants credit, history, and ability to pay.
2.   Negotiate  the best lease price and terms. 
3.   The collection, deposit, and accounting of rents and deposits.
4.   The timley paying of bills, vendors, expenses, and asset obligations.
5.   Transparrent financial management and reporting of all accounts.
6.   Management and coordination of vendors and building contractors.
7.   Provide 24/7 after hours call center for emergency maintenance coverage.
8.   Advertisment and marketing to the general public, communicating spaces and property for best value.
9.   Staffing for onsite management, seasonal, part time or full time.
10. Quickly and professionally take action upon the discovery of issues involving;
           i.  The physical condition of the property.
          ii.  Issues involving potential legal liability. 
         iii.  A Tenants ability or willingness to perform under the lease agreement..

For Owner/Operators of investment property, CREA provides consulting and advisory services that strategically support and augment our Clients values and goals for best effect.

For the Owners of investment property, the connection between tenant relationship and property value is direct.  

The CREA Management Team provides a valuable bridge for stakeholders, dedicated to keeping owners, lenders, tenants, and contractors focused, happy, and successful.

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