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Representing buyers and sellers of investment real estate requires current market knowledge, proactive intelligence, and the ability to respond very quickly on opportunities for best value.  CREA associates keep abreast of the latest segment trends, fluctuations in equity and debt markets, as well as local and national target markets. Our network of private and institutional investors allows us to match you with the right investment opportunity, risk/reward profile and maximize your return on the investment.

Talented leasing agents help tenants understand the true
value of the spaces they are considering, and negotiate each lease agreement for best price, duration and terms.

Property Management teams are assembled from the best of providers in each management class and activity, each team anchored by a fully qualified, experienced and licenced Property Management Principal. 

Principals are liscenced and trained for current Legal complaince in the handeling of property and investment accounts , comliant with current local, state, regional and federal codes, transparrent and accountable to Ownership at all times.

A properly designed Investment Program will balance the values of Clients in each and every opportunity. We measure results in 3 categories:

1. Net Operating Income,
2. Value Appreciation/Capital Gain, and
3. Maximizing all of our Clients values.

Call us today for a free free and confidential discussion abour your property investment goals and how we can help at;        303-588-7560      Michael D. Ackerman
                                                 Managing Broker
1035 Pearl Street Suite 333
Boulder Colorado 80302
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